#1 Barack Obama

Future generations of mixed kids will divide time into two categories: Before Barack and After Barack.

Never before has our status of being mixed been so out in the open.  Barack is totally en vogue right now. He gives inspiring speeches. Shows off his basketball skills to the press. Has a legion of “Obama Girls” crushing on him. Black people like him. White people like him. Hispanic people like him. He’s so friggin’ likeable it’s crazy. Plus, he’s related to Brad Pitt.

A quick way to score points with a mixed person is when someone haphazardly mentions that Barack could be the first black president be quick to remind the said person that he’s biracial lest they forget just how “in style” mixed people are. All mixed people within 5 feet with appreciate your friendly correction and if things go right you may have gained yourself a trendy mixed ally.



6 responses to “#1 Barack Obama

  1. As a mixed person, I like this site just based on general principle. But I think more things mixed people like should be added. The stuff white people like website has 50 things I think. Things that this mixed person likes include San Francisco (my hometown which is a mecca for mixed folks), New York City and of course girls that are half white and black; scratch that last one: sexy mixed girls period.

  2. As a mixed race person i have to say that i agree with the part that correcting someone, who calls Barrack Obama black, will get a mixed person to appreciate that little jesture because i’m always out on the web constantly correcting people that mixed people aren’t black or white but are MIXED. the words ‘black’, ‘white’ and ‘mixed’ all have five letters and 1 syllable so why can’t people be bothered to say: ‘Obama: First Mixed President’ cus its true.

  3. too bad obama identifies himself as black

  4. Unless you decide to identify yourself as so, then you are what you appear. According to before the civil rights movement 1 drop of Black blood meant you were black. If you couldn’t pass you were black. Not to say that these points of view are valid or right but I guess now you are claiming there is a new race of people that didn’t originate from any particular place. But always remember: You just do you, imma do me.

  5. actually shes not saying their is a new race of people at all kalilah they are saying mixed is from white and black ancestry period

  6. and technically when their are alot that are existent and they look different pretty much i guess it could be a new race like creole people …yes i do think it should be a category for it now that i think about it so thanks for the input

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