#2 Sandy Blond Hair

There’s something about sandy blond hair that screams “I’m mixed”. And we like it.

We like sandy blond hair so much that we would trademark it at the U.S. Patents Office if we could. A sure fire way to annoy a mixed person is by staring at their hair and asking, “Is that your natural hair color?” and then continue staring at them in near disbelief.  The mixed person will politely reassure you it is indeed their natural hair color until you calm down but secretly they will put you on their mental check-list of people who just don’t get it.

Memorize this before interacting with a mixed person and you will stay in their good grace.

[photo Elizabeth Atkins]


5 responses to “#2 Sandy Blond Hair

  1. Blond hair? I think that screams “I’m 100% white!” more than anything. Although I do see alot of half black/half white kids with this type of curly blond hair. However, dark black hair (straight, curly or in between) is much more universal among mixed people because most races have naturally dark hair (i.e. Asians, Arabs, Indians, Native Americans,Latinos, Black People). And when you mix a blond-haired white person with another person from a black-haired race, you usually have mixed kids with black hair. It’s just how it goes.

  2. umm….you’re very wrong. I have people in my family who are suppose to be 100% black but obviously carry white genes from far down the line who have blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, hazel eyes, blond hair, RED hair, brown hair, wavy hair, large curls, small tight curls, and almost straight hair. This is the side who doesn’t have a direct mixing with white in the last two generations. I am half white and half black and my hair is brunette with redand blond highlights when in bright light. I have very loose curls. Black Americans can throw practically any hair color out there if they are from a family that has mixed races frequently down the line. A Black African, or a Jamaican, etc. would almost never have a child with blonde hair since their genetics haven’t been crossed. I have cousins with blue and green eyes and blond hair who are half black and half white. It happens more frequently than you think.

  3. I’m the child of a Black Jamaican and a White American and I have blond(ish) hair and blue eyes – and my White mother’s hair is darker than mine. I have no problem with people asking me about my hair, eyes, etc. because I see it as an opportunity to open a dialogue; but I also do understand why it may annoy some.

  4. ok im mixed.
    my mom is white [irish]
    and my dad is black [with a little haitian]
    and i am mixed.lol.
    im just ..tan.
    and i have very dark brown hair and without it being trimmed it gets very long.
    my hair is very thick and very curly.
    that “sandy blonde chick”
    looks nothing like a mixed person.
    but im mixed with black adn white.
    she might be mixed with …idk.
    lol, i hope this comment helped some :]

  5. She’s mixed. I’ve seen a pic of her parents.

    It’s not true that blonde hair means you’re 100% white. I’ve seen many mixed kids who have blonde hair whether one parent has blonde hair or both parents have dark hair. There are mixed people who’s hair color is blonde but their hair texture is like black people. Even black people can have blonde hair naturally.

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