#3 Seeing Other Mixed People

For most mixed people it’s a rarity to be surrounded by a majority of other mixed people unless they live in extremely multi-ethnic places like New York City or Los Angeles.

So when we see other mixed people we are totally stoked. It’s as if all is right in the world and we remember that we are not alone in our mixed experience. Most mixed people are genetically programmed to spot other mixed people. And if we happen to come across another mixed person in our daily activities we will give them the “mixed nod & smile”. And that just makes our day.

The “mixed nod & smile” is so subtle and well-crafted it has never been caught on tape. Those wanting to witness this ritual in person must pay close attention or they could miss it in the blink of an eye. Once you spot this practice you are one step closer to becoming an expert in all things mixed.

[photo Mavin]


10 responses to “#3 Seeing Other Mixed People

  1. This is so funny because it is so true, it’s like a secret society. I can tell if a person is mixed right away, even if they have a very light or very dark complexion, this will make me laugh all day, Thanks

  2. I don’t think this is always true. Alot of people are generationally mixed, but both their parents are the same race. I know alot of really light skinned mixed-looking black folks who aren’t mixed.

    However, everybody can tell that I mixed because I am the most racially ambiguous person on the planet. I got pulled over by the police last night at 3 AM, the last question the officer asked me before he let me go was “What do you classify as? White? Black? Hispanic?” “I’m mixed”, I replied. “I’m going to check the Other box.” the cop said quickly before he walked back to his squad car. Maybe it was because I was drunk, but I thought his question was hilarious.

  3. Lol this is funny, it made me smile. I always notice when other mixed people are around & it makes me happy to see them. I saw a family with a lot of mixed children in Wal Mart yesterday. =]

  4. LOL THIS IS SO TRUE! I know a mixed person when I see one.

  5. “Most mixed people are genetically programmed to spot other mixed people.”

    True. I call it my mixed people radar.

  6. i feel the same way when i see a mixed person i feel like i have a spiritual connection with them. i also love that ringlety type of hair, i would die for mine to be just like that

  7. Yeah its crazy

  8. We taking over yall! I’m always sure to thank my friends or associates that have mixed kids for making another one of my peoples…lol. Wasn’t a lot of us when I was growing up in the south. Now we EVERYWHERE!

  9. Just came across this blog, was linked from another site, love it! And it’s so true that it’s comforting to see other mixed people, especially living in a place where we are few and far between. Thanks for this.

  10. YAYYYYY!!!! I love this post ,I am mixed with puero rican ,black & white and i can spot other mixed people which makes me happy to see some one who can relate to my cultural background !!!!!!!

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