#4 British Mixed People

For Americans, the only thing better than a mixed person is a mixed person with a British accent.

It is common knowledge that a British accent automatically ups a person’s cool factor no matter what their skin color is. However, this rule only counts when a mixed British person is outside their native country. It is similar to the phenom where several American bands are ignored and underappreciated in America yet beloved in Japan. But British mixed people don’t have it that tough because they’re still blessed with the status of being mixed.

This rule explains why mixed people were excited when Leona Lewis and Corinne Rae Bailey arrived on the music scene. It gave us a reason to head to YouTube and watch all their interviews so we could marvel at just how cool their accents sound.

If you are looking for a chance to impress your mixed friends then discreetly leave your copy of Leona Lewis’ CD on your coffee table when they come over. If you’re looking to score big points, find an indie or emerging mixed British music artist and post a note on your Facebook account raving how they’re destined to be the “next big thing.” You will make your mixed friends smile.


2 responses to “#4 British Mixed People

  1. The great majority of people in South America are of mixed race. Take any major Latino superstar, like Shakira and Adriana Lima, guaranteed they are a mix of something. So, basically, what’s the big deal about being ‘mixed in America’? Most immigrants from SA already are, they have been for many, many years. What I’m trying to say is: you’re not the only ones with the whole mix going on, in fact, there are countries where almost the entire population is multiracial- the real melting pots. So, if you’re feeling too lonely, just look at the Colombians, and the Argentinians, and the Brazilians, and the Venezuelans, etc. hanging out next to you, they all look very different, very exotic, and very beautiful.

  2. Too bad Corinne Bailey Rae, (yes, you forgot the “Rae”) sucks.

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