#5 Interracial Couples

Some people look at interracial couples and sneer. But mixed people look at them and inwardly cheer.

We imagine what their kids look like. We wonder how they met and fell in love. And when we do hear about their love story we get all starry-eyed. It reminds us of our parents, our upbring and our future. A future where being with someone who isn’t the same color as you isn’t frowned upon, even in a seemingly politically correct society.

Celebrity couples are key in helping bring forth the wind of change we’d like to see. Everyone may not know the happily married interracial couple down the street from you, but most people are familiar with basic Hollywood news. So when a celebrity interracial couple gets a cover story in a magazine or spotlighted on a TV show it’s a good news day for mixed people worldwide.


2 responses to “#5 Interracial Couples

  1. I had this great idea one day I’ll write a book about what mixed people like.
    Suddenly my head filled with things to put on my list
    interracial couples was my number one
    then I thought wait I should check first to see if someone already thought of this
    turns out I was right
    but I’m not mad when i read this post I felt like i was the one who had written it
    so keep updated more

  2. “Some people look at interracial couples and sneer. But mixed people look at them and inwardly cheer”

    Please speak for yourself. Not all mixed people cheer. I am one and I enjoy diversity. Therefore, I do not cheer to see those who destory it. There is nothing, to me, more beautiful than the rare sight of a black man with his “sistah” , pushing a little black baby in a stroller. Or a white woman with her gorgeous white man and cute kids with light eyes, skin, and silky soft hair. 70% of black women are single. White woman are sought after more than any other, which means their genes are soon to be destroyed. I do not like the thought of a world with no white people, nor one without any of the races diversity- and sticking with you own-gives us. Of course, as mixed people, we have no “own kind”. We’re either pushed to accept one side(black), or ridiculed for proclaiming both. Seeing mixed couples, I jeer too.

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