#6 Movies About Mixed People

im-through-with-white-girls-movieWe like seeing ourselves on the big screen, the small screen and anywhere else movies play. That’s why I’ve decided to shift my focus to all things film related on my blog Reel Artsy. I’ll be spotlighting multi-cultural films and entertainment news. I have a bunch of posts ready for your perusal so head over there and check out the trailers for some cool films.

[photo Lia Johnson in I’m Through With White Girls]


#5 Interracial Couples

Some people look at interracial couples and sneer. But mixed people look at them and inwardly cheer.

We imagine what their kids look like. We wonder how they met and fell in love. And when we do hear about their love story we get all starry-eyed. It reminds us of our parents, our upbring and our future. A future where being with someone who isn’t the same color as you isn’t frowned upon, even in a seemingly politically correct society.

Celebrity couples are key in helping bring forth the wind of change we’d like to see. Everyone may not know the happily married interracial couple down the street from you, but most people are familiar with basic Hollywood news. So when a celebrity interracial couple gets a cover story in a magazine or spotlighted on a TV show it’s a good news day for mixed people worldwide.

#4 British Mixed People

For Americans, the only thing better than a mixed person is a mixed person with a British accent.

It is common knowledge that a British accent automatically ups a person’s cool factor no matter what their skin color is. However, this rule only counts when a mixed British person is outside their native country. It is similar to the phenom where several American bands are ignored and underappreciated in America yet beloved in Japan. But British mixed people don’t have it that tough because they’re still blessed with the status of being mixed.

This rule explains why mixed people were excited when Leona Lewis and Corinne Rae Bailey arrived on the music scene. It gave us a reason to head to YouTube and watch all their interviews so we could marvel at just how cool their accents sound.

If you are looking for a chance to impress your mixed friends then discreetly leave your copy of Leona Lewis’ CD on your coffee table when they come over. If you’re looking to score big points, find an indie or emerging mixed British music artist and post a note on your Facebook account raving how they’re destined to be the “next big thing.” You will make your mixed friends smile.

#3 Seeing Other Mixed People

For most mixed people it’s a rarity to be surrounded by a majority of other mixed people unless they live in extremely multi-ethnic places like New York City or Los Angeles.

So when we see other mixed people we are totally stoked. It’s as if all is right in the world and we remember that we are not alone in our mixed experience. Most mixed people are genetically programmed to spot other mixed people. And if we happen to come across another mixed person in our daily activities we will give them the “mixed nod & smile”. And that just makes our day.

The “mixed nod & smile” is so subtle and well-crafted it has never been caught on tape. Those wanting to witness this ritual in person must pay close attention or they could miss it in the blink of an eye. Once you spot this practice you are one step closer to becoming an expert in all things mixed.

[photo Mavin]

#2 Sandy Blond Hair

There’s something about sandy blond hair that screams “I’m mixed”. And we like it.

We like sandy blond hair so much that we would trademark it at the U.S. Patents Office if we could. A sure fire way to annoy a mixed person is by staring at their hair and asking, “Is that your natural hair color?” and then continue staring at them in near disbelief.  The mixed person will politely reassure you it is indeed their natural hair color until you calm down but secretly they will put you on their mental check-list of people who just don’t get it.

Memorize this before interacting with a mixed person and you will stay in their good grace.

[photo Elizabeth Atkins]

#1 Barack Obama

Future generations of mixed kids will divide time into two categories: Before Barack and After Barack.

Never before has our status of being mixed been so out in the open.  Barack is totally en vogue right now. He gives inspiring speeches. Shows off his basketball skills to the press. Has a legion of “Obama Girls” crushing on him. Black people like him. White people like him. Hispanic people like him. He’s so friggin’ likeable it’s crazy. Plus, he’s related to Brad Pitt.

A quick way to score points with a mixed person is when someone haphazardly mentions that Barack could be the first black president be quick to remind the said person that he’s biracial lest they forget just how “in style” mixed people are. All mixed people within 5 feet with appreciate your friendly correction and if things go right you may have gained yourself a trendy mixed ally.